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It’s slightly old but I only recently saw this article about how Google Translate make use of linear transformation. The new book on my desk eta products and theta series identities has the following quote in the preface. In der … Continue reading

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What’s an eigenface?

With the recent korean wave, we get to see lots of Korean pop, tv, movie stars in the media. But I found that I can never tell them apart. Especially, the ladies, tall, thin, beautiful but too homogenous. (Of course, … Continue reading

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Speed Index

A clearly written page explaining how one can measure the speed in which a website loads by integrating the area under the curve. link

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3D printing

seems to be the rage these days, and the natural question is that if there is anything that you cannot print. The short answer is NO. Thanks to Fubini’s Theorem.

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What is real world mathematics?

According to Tim Gowers, real world mathematics is not really about disguising equations into apples and pears.

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Of Dice and Math

With apologies to steinbeck. An article by Posamentier on how he taught arithmetic of fractions through applications to dice games. There is often talk of making mathematics relevant to students. This is important, but only when it relates to the … Continue reading

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Uses of social network theory

Recently, I’ve come across a few studies that modelled certain phenomena and compared these to typical social networks. For example looking at the actual network of characters in myths. Another is modelling the passes of a football match as a … Continue reading

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A matter of perspective

Have you ever watched rugby matches on TV and noticed the advertisements on the field that looked 3-dimensional? I remember having the impression that the adverts were superimposed by the TV people. But when I told the wife, she plainly … Continue reading

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Applications of number theory

It can get you a job? In Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, the first question the prospective accountant was asked was Name the Fibonacci series from its eleventh to its sixteenth. The accountant answered correctly and after another couple of questions … Continue reading

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An application of quadratic residues

A certain Count had 5 daughters and 11 peasants. Upon his death he willed that the square shaped county be divided into equal square plots such that each daughter gets one plot and the remaining plots are divided evenly among … Continue reading

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Finance and Fibonacci

This could be an application if you believe it. Certainly it is “more scientific” than reading tea leaves. Fibonacci level. Perhaps there is some relationship, afterall both finance and fibonacci starts with the letter “f”, then again so does “fail”.

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Greenhouse effect

I learnt from an article of Martin Walter from the November issue of the Notices of AMS 2010 that it was Fourier who created the term “greenhouse effect.”

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Braess’s Paradox

Driving to work is never a fuss-free affair. Even at 7.30 in the morning, the expressway that I use is packed with cars. The problem with traffic flow is people do not drive at uniform speeds. Suppose there is a … Continue reading

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MAA and applications of topology

I used to be a member of MAA but found that it did nothing much for me except I get to issues of American Mathematical Monthly. I would classify that as good to have – something to read when I … Continue reading

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Schönhage-Strassen multiplication

Feature column on AMS website this month, using FFT to quickly multiply two large integers. Yet another useful application of Fourier transform.

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Origami and Mathematics

Recently I had the horrendous realization that I’ve lost whatever little origami skills that I once possessed. I was trying to entertain a bored child on the plane who speaks a little English, and I knew no German save “guten … Continue reading

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Boltzmann Equation

Just announced last week that solutions to the Boltzmann equation was found. It is interesting to note how it can mean quite a different thing if I had written the Boltzmann equation was solved. Anyway, I know next to nothing … Continue reading

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Application of Harmonic function

Cool article about Pixar and some applications of harmonic function. Would have been useful last year when I taught the maximum principle but didn’t have much else to say about it. Moving Remy in Harmony: Pixar’s Use of Harmonic Functions … Continue reading

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Concrete Abstract Algebra: From Numbers to Grobner Bases

is a book by Niels Lauritzen that I just checked out. My initial impression is that it is well written and contains many interesting gems. It certainly looked like a good book to teach from, although the topics covered are … Continue reading

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Deepavali date change

The government announced today that Deepavali, a public holiday will have its date changed from 15th November to 17th October, a difference of one whole month. This Indian holiday is based on the lunar calendar and sightings of the moon. … Continue reading

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