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The Problem with Word Problem

is the title of Keith Devlin’s May 2010 column. I especially agree with his view that at times when we try to make maths “authentic”, we are actually alienating students because we and students as well are still only think … Continue reading

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All models are wrong!

The actual quote, attributed to George Box, according to here is all models are wrong but some are useful How true.

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Braess’s Paradox

Driving to work is never a fuss-free affair. Even at 7.30 in the morning, the expressway that I use is packed with cars. The problem with traffic flow is people do not drive at uniform speeds. Suppose there is a … Continue reading

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99104 job losses predicted

The newspaper (26 Feb) reported an economist made this prediction. That’s an alarming figure, but not because the economy is so bad, rather the mathematics is so bad. Can anyone without divine powers get that kind of accuracy? So this … Continue reading

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