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Speed Index

A clearly written page explaining how one can measure the speed in which a website loads by integrating the area under the curve. link

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4 clicks to Mathematics

I learn this game from watching Tim Chartier’s video. (The original game was 5 clicks to Jesus but in this age of religious sensitivity … ) So this is the game, go to Wikipedia and click random article on the … Continue reading

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Uses of social network theory

Recently, I’ve come across a few studies that modelled certain phenomena and compared these to typical social networks. For example looking at the actual network of characters in myths. Another is modelling the passes of a football match as a … Continue reading

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Wolfram’s Facebook Analytics

WolframAlpha now allows you to do analytics on your facebook account. I’m most keen on the friends network portion and just couldn’t resist trying it out. I don’t have many facebook friends but it was very interesting that they were … Continue reading

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