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Petals Around The Rose

A link to this game resurfaced at a local forum. I remembered it took me a while to solve it, one or two years back. Basically I carefully read through this story about Bill Gates and constructed the formula that … Continue reading

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Graphing Calculators

I had been putting off writing about this until I found this post. I have yet to read it, and will do so after finishing my post, to compare the differences. The Ministry of Education in Singapore will be introducing … Continue reading

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Dangerous Living Room

One headline of the local newspaper reads “Living Room is the Most Dangerous Place for Kids”. In the report, they quoted a study which showed that 30% of accidents involving children occurred in the living room. This is a classic … Continue reading

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in mathematics does not refer to eccentric old men (although there are many around) but refer to certain statistics related to partitions. The name probably came about because there is a related notion of ranks of partitions. This article in … Continue reading

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The Computer

The word originally did not refer to a machine but rather the person who worked the machine, yes those ladies at Bletchly Park. The following is an interesting passage extracted from A History of Pi. To return to Johann Martin … Continue reading

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What is the value of Pi ?

A typical mathematical joke: What is the value of [tex]\pi[/tex]? Highschool Teacher: 22/7 exactly. Engineer: 3.14 , which is 22/7 to 2 decimal place. Physicist: 3.14 , to 3 significant figures. Statistician: I’m 95% confident that it is 3.14. Medical … Continue reading

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