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Erdös Number

My first paper was accepted! It’s a joint paper with my official advisor and a collaborator (who can be counted as my unofficial advisor.) Just did a check and found that both of them have Erdös number of 3 (via … Continue reading

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Monkey Tricks

If you go to the zoo, the chimpanzee will wave to you. I do not understand their psyche, but I presume they do not understand what they are doing, except when they wave, they get food. I still remember seeing … Continue reading

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Dumbing Down

Back when I was an undergrad, the maths classes I attended could be broadly classified into two types – general and small classes. The latter are mainly algebra and topology classes which attract an enrolment of less than 15. The … Continue reading

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This is the TV series that’s already into its second season in the states. Here in Singapore it’s been showing for a month on cable and I have to say the show is quite good. Hey, even for non-math geeks, … Continue reading

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Le Theoreme du Perroquet

By Denis Guedj. I read it (the English version of course) years ago, and picked it up again recently when I ran out of light reading. It has a wonderful plot although the ending fizzled out. Read Simon Singh’s review … Continue reading

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