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Tom Lehrer

Ah, the wonders of youtube. We can now view videos of Tom Lehrer performing some of his musical compositions. It’s great old fashioned music. Video 1 Video 2 He sang the following songs with lyrics complied on this site by … Continue reading

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Functional Equations

I spotted this little book at the library and flipped through it. I saw the names Cauchy, Euler and d’Alembert and was immediately thinking “oh differential equations” until I flipped to this lovely nested square root [tex]\sqrt{ 1+2 \sqrt{1+3\sqrt{1+4\sqrt{\ldots}}}}[/tex] courtesy … Continue reading

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Picked up this book from and library. I particularly liked this paragraph: Intuition, in the Star Wars sense, may be the most important and most ignored part of our machine-oriented world. When do you look beyond the rational, the routine, … Continue reading

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How to Write Mathematics Badly

according to J-P Serre. I spent an hour watching this video of his talk. Considering I may never have the chance to meet him in person, this was not a bad way to spend Saturday morning. It is accessible to … Continue reading

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