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Complex Analysis

I’ve finally wiped the dust off my copy of Ahlfors and started reading from page 1. Previously, I’ve only looked at the chapter on Elliptic functions as a reference. I’ve skimmed through four chapters and decided that it is probably … Continue reading

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Oliver Heaviside

I have no idea who is Heaviside until I started to teach this course which included Laplace transforms. That got me really interested and I checked out P. Nahin’s biography from the library. Perusing the borrowing slip, the book was … Continue reading

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Morrie’s Law

Came across this curious identity while preparing some trigo notes. [tex] \cos (20^\circ) \cos (40^\circ) \cos (80^\circ) =\frac{1}{8} [/tex] According to wolfram, it is called Morrie’s Law by Feynman after his childhood friend who showed it to him. Wow, all … Continue reading

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