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Breaking up is infinitely hard

I was reading this light-hearted article by jeremy au yong in the local papers. It’s mainly about how the economy is bad and he was retrenching his girlfriend. As compensation he offered a gift. The value of this gift will … Continue reading

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Princeton University Press

I’ve recently came across several good books that are recently published by PUP and I’m further impressed by that fact that their books are usually cheaper than Springer and significantly cheaper than Oxford. I really liked the Fourier Analysis and … Continue reading

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A Course of Modern Analysis

The tour de force by E.T. Whittaker and G.N. Watson. The Math Reviews says that the 1996 reprint of the 1927 fourth edition has 608 citations! It’s certainly a magnificent book and worthwhile to have on your shelf. The 1996 … Continue reading

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Separating the variables

We should all be familiar with the method of separation of variables for first order ordinary differential equations. Here’s a neat example from John Starrett’s article in Amer. Math. Monthly. [tex] \displaystyle \frac{dy}{dx} = \frac{ y^3 + x^2y -x -y}{ … Continue reading

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Best Job in the US

Apparently my job has been rated as the best in the world by careercast. See also the WSJ report. In fact, the top 3 are all math related and physicists got number 13!

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Pronuncing names

Pronouncing names has always been a problem and I think it is embarrassing and just not right to mispronounce names, if one can help it. I always cringe when I hear Euler pronounced as “U-ler” instead of “Oil-ler”. Thankfully we … Continue reading

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