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Charles Dodgson

Picked up a copy of Lewis Carroll in Numberland by Robin Wilson from the library. I must admit that I browsed through it instead of reading it, picking up bits and pieces that I find interesting. For example, it is … Continue reading

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Klein Bottle Opener

How cool is that! $78 though.

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Martin Gardner and that April Fools Joke

Martin Gardner passed away last week on 22 May, aged 95. Wikipedia is a good place to read about his contribution in bringing mathematics to the public. My favourite article of Gardner’s is Six Sensational Discoveries that Somehow or Another … Continue reading

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Mathematical constants

If for some reason, you wanted the values of certain mathematical constants to a few billion digits, might be a site for you. Well known ones like [tex]\sqrt{2}, \frac{\sqrt{5}-1}{2}, e, \pi, \log(2), \log(10), \zeta(3), \gamma [/tex] are all there … Continue reading

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Boltzmann Equation

Just announced last week that solutions to the Boltzmann equation was found. It is interesting to note how it can mean quite a different thing if I had written the Boltzmann equation was solved. Anyway, I know next to nothing … Continue reading

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Finite Projective Plane

Learned a cool trick today. The finite projective plane of order n has [tex]n^2 + n + 1[/tex] points, [tex]n^2 + n + 1[/tex] lines, [tex]n + 1[/tex] points on each line, [tex]n + 1[/tex] lines passing each point. The … Continue reading

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Application of Harmonic function

Cool article about Pixar and some applications of harmonic function. Would have been useful last year when I taught the maximum principle but didn’t have much else to say about it. Moving Remy in Harmony: Pixar’s Use of Harmonic Functions … Continue reading

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Being down under results in the privilege of receiving my copy of the Notices of AMS five months late. The December 2009 copy showed up in my mail last week and the best article of all is about Legendre. It … Continue reading

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Concrete Abstract Algebra: From Numbers to Grobner Bases

is a book by Niels Lauritzen that I just checked out. My initial impression is that it is well written and contains many interesting gems. It certainly looked like a good book to teach from, although the topics covered are … Continue reading

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