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Origami and Mathematics

Recently I had the horrendous realization that I’ve lost whatever little origami skills that I once possessed. I was trying to entertain a bored child on the plane who speaks a little English, and I knew no German save “guten … Continue reading

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Coffee Stains

Someone said that he thinks a paper is more credible if there are coffee stains on it. Well, here’s the solution – a latex package.

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Math video

There are lots of nice videos out there which would be ideal to show to students before lectures or during breaks just to break the monotony. Here’s one about Fibonacci numbers and nature that’s pretty impressive, although I don’t think … Continue reading

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Picture Hanging Puzzle

Just attended a nice talk by Erik Demaine on Origami and puzzles. He demonstrated some remarkable stuff and ended with a cute picture hanging puzzle – how to hang a puzzle with two nails such that by removing either one, … Continue reading

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