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Schönhage-Strassen multiplication

Feature column on AMS website this month, using FFT to quickly multiply two large integers. Yet another useful application of Fourier transform.

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Purse of Denari

A problem from MAA website dating back to Fibonacci. Four men already having denari found a purse of denari; the first man said that if he would have the denari from the purse, then he would have twice as many … Continue reading

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Prisoner of Benda

is an episode of Futurama where an actual theorem on permutations appear. Although I adore the Simpsons, I’m not much of a Futurama fan. This link explains the theorem and contains the screencap.

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University learning

I have no idea who Don Tapscott is and I probably will not read his books, but in the local papers today, he mentioned something on learning in university. It’s not so much what you know when you graduate that … Continue reading

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is the title of another great story by Colin Adams in the latest Intelligencer. It’s really clever and I do not want to give the plot away but it suffices to say it is suitable for reading in the hours … Continue reading

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OSME puzzle

For the 5th OSME, Erik and Martin Dermaine designed a little folding puzzle. It’s a piece of paper, with four squares at each of the four corners. You are supposed to fold the paper such that the required four squares … Continue reading

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