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Why do we have to learn proofs?

Nice short note on the above question by Joshua Cooper. Wonder if it convinces students? This reminds me of a recent article I read from the notices May 2010 issue. What is Mathematics For? By Dudley Underwood. His thesis is … Continue reading

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703 ; Waring’s Problem

I receive the twitter feed from MAA and one daily feed they do is the number-a-day blog. For example the entry for Oct 19. Sometimes, I wonder what do people do with these facts about a specific number? Quote them … Continue reading

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20102010: Banning cigarette sale

Today is 20102010, my favourite date of the year. I was wondering what interesting stuff could I blog to log this day into posterity – or at least the archives of this blog. Problem solved when I read in the … Continue reading

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Nefarious Numbers

is an article by Douglas Arnold and Kristine Fowler (a librarian whom I guess did most of the digging) about how impact factors can be manipulated. They pull no punches and it’s worth your time reading if you are impacted … Continue reading

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passed away last week. (As did Alf van der porten.) Well life’s like that but I guess as Hardy says, mathematicians have at least the claim to some form of immortality through their work. Certainly nobody will forget Mandelbrot in … Continue reading

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mean wealth

An interesting report appeared in the local papers about Singapore being the fourth wealthiest nation in terms of estimated net worth. The news in itself was not as interesting as the actual figures that was estimated. Mean net worth : … Continue reading

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