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12 Days of Christmas

Nice problem and solution at squarecirclez about counting the total number of presents. Triangular numbers appears! It seems that this year’s Simpsons Christmas special was a live action parody/tribute to Sesame Street and the Muppets. It had them singing the … Continue reading

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Greenhouse effect

I learnt from an article of Martin Walter from the November issue of the Notices of AMS 2010 that it was Fourier who created the term “greenhouse effect.”

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Simple algebra*

In the midst of grading exams now. One problem consists of computing determinants and many students give the answer [tex] (1+a)^3 -3a -1 [/tex] without simplifying it to [tex] a^3+3a^2 [/tex]. I have this nagging suspicion that they are not … Continue reading

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