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The Rewards of Honesty

The New York Times published an article – which was re-published in the local papers – about a former mathematics professor Kim Myungho who self-published a book decrying the Korean judiciary. (Note the word “published” appeared thrice in the previous … Continue reading

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It’s Pi Day today

A little creative tinkering yielded this mnemonic for [tex]\pi[/tex] Pi (apologies, latex died) to 15 places. “How I need a drink, alcoholic of course, after the heavy lectures involving Euclid’s algorithm” I’ve substituted “quantum mechanics” with “Euclid’s algorithm”, not exactly … Continue reading

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Hardy on Number Theory

The elementary theory of numbers should be one of the very best subjects for early mathematical instruction. It demands very little previous knowledge; its subject matter is tangible and familiar; the processes of reasoning which it employs are simple, general … Continue reading

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