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How to Lie with Statistics – that illusive 0.1%

Cut out the following from a newspaper ad for a company IPO. 8% is a great yield by current standards but I just loved how the bar chart showed such an impressive growth from 7.9% to 8.0%. If the chart … Continue reading

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The Problem with Word Problem

is the title of Keith Devlin’s May 2010 column. I especially agree with his view that at times when we try to make maths “authentic”, we are actually alienating students because we and students as well are still only think … Continue reading

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Power Play

Old news but it’s news to me. It shows that as long as you are in a position of power, you can push through ridiculous stuff — really caterpillars came from butterflies mating with worms — it says so much … Continue reading

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Lightning Bolt

Advertisement from the local newspaper. I think they were trying to sell fast broadband or something. Although it’s nice and catchy but it’s not quite scientific. I figured I read (and understood) the sentence in about 2 seconds. Google tells … Continue reading

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The Chinese character that appears on the left of the logo is a stylized version of 数 which means “to count” (as a verb) or a “number/value/sum” (as a noun). The Chinese word for mathematics is 数学, the art or … Continue reading

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