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Paraphrasing Russell

William Mueller in his 2001 article in the American Mathematical Monthly suggested that we could take Bertrand Russell’s quote* on philosophy and substitute it with pedagogy. So here goes Pedagogy is to be studied, not for the sake of any … Continue reading

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4 clicks to Mathematics

I learn this game from watching Tim Chartier’s video. (The original game was 5 clicks to Jesus but in this age of religious sensitivity … ) So this is the game, go to Wikipedia and click random article on the … Continue reading

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Why are Finland’s Schools Successful?

is an insightful article by LynNell Hancock published in the Smithsonian magazine in Sept 2011. It was recently republished in a local newspaper (strangely without reference to the original publication) and circulated by a colleague. I particularly love this para: … Continue reading

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What is real world mathematics?

According to Tim Gowers, real world mathematics is not really about disguising equations into apples and pears.

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