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125th Anniversary of Ramanujan’s Birth

It was a privilege to be in Delhi, India to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the birth of Ramanujan. It was a good conference with good talks by many speakers. Personally for me I didn’t get any new ideas or … Continue reading

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Polya and Ramanujan

Taken from the introduction to Bruce Berndt’s Ramanujan’s Notebooks Part I. In notes left by B. M. Wilson, he tells us how George Polya was captivated by Ramanujan’s formulas. One day in 1925 while Polya was visiting Oxford, he borrowed … Continue reading

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Social interactions and the development of control strategies

Is a sub section in Schoenfeld’s Mathematical Problem Solving. The argument is that when two students work together, this interaction can spur cognitive development resulting in approaches to the problem being solved that are qualitatively different than those taken by … Continue reading

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Collective Nouns for Mathematicians

A creative colleague got me started and I just can’t stop. Of course the most apt term would be “a set of mathematicians”. But how about others, according to their fields? Ignoring the obvious alliterative ones like “a set of … Continue reading

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Is 0 even?

I first saw this from BBC news. The aftermath of hurricane Sandy resulted in a shortage of fuel and New York City had to implement an odd-even system. The following is taken from their press release: 1) Vehicles with license … Continue reading

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Geometry Puzzle

A neat little puzzle from John Mason. How are the blue and red area related?

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