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Polynomial Puzzle and Lill’s Method

I have in mind a polynomial with nonnegative integer coefficients. Can you determine completely the polynomial by just asking two questions? I forgot where I saw this from but it was interesting enough to spur a few lunch time discussions … Continue reading

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Mathematical Induction

Apparently the French terminology for mathematical induction is “raisonnement par recurrence” or reasoning by recurrence. That makes so much more sense. According to David Reid and Christine Knipping* “Mathematical induction” is based on deductive reasoning, not inductive reasoning. The confusing … Continue reading

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Ranking Journals

has always been a task destined for controversy. Most academics have an implicit ranking of journals in their heads. When considering where to publish, the first consideration is usually appropriateness of the journal, followed by publishing in as good a … Continue reading

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A combinatorialist worth his salt

Just as every analyst automatically interchanges the order of integration, and every combinatorialist worth his salt double counts at the drop of a hat, Erdös was constantly on the lookout for opportunities to apply the probabilistic method. [emphasis mine] Taken … Continue reading

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