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What you have been obliged to discover by yourself leaves a path in your mind which you can use again when the need arises. — G. C. Lichtenberg I am not familiar with Lichtenberg but he was apparently a German … Continue reading

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COMC problem of the week

A nice problem from the 2015 archive filed under week 9, dated 27th October 2015. Define the function [tex]t(n)[/tex] on the nonnegative integers by [tex]t(0)=t(1)=0, t(2)=1,[/tex] and for [tex]n>2[/tex] let [tex]t(n)[/tex] be the smallest positive integer which does not divide … Continue reading

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A Sunday Morning Geometry Problem

It’s 6.15 am on a Sunday morning, 18th October to be exact. The newspapers have not been delivered and the kids are still sleeping. Some peace and quiet for me to do some reading while sipping my morning coffee … … Continue reading

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Byss and Abyss

Saw this quote attributed to Winston Churchill. A search on google books revealed that it came from chapter III of his autobiography, My Early Life: 1874-1904. I had a feeling once about Mathematics, that I saw it all — Depth … Continue reading

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