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Notes from ICME13

Gila Hanna mentioned the carpet proof of the irrationality of [tex]\sqrt{2}[/tex]. A little digging reveals that it was due to Tennenbaum (1950s) and popularized by Conway (1990s). The original proof appeared in a book but the simple idea is described … Continue reading

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Logic joke

Three logicians walk into a bar. The bartender says:”Do you all want a drink?” First logician says “I don’t know.” Second says “I don’t know.” Third says “Yes!”. Meta: Why is this a joke?

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Hypergeometric functions

Hypergeometric functions are one of the paradises of nineteenth century mathematics that remain unknown to mathematicians of our day. Hypergeometric functions of several variables are an even better paradise: they will soon crop up in just about everything — Gian … Continue reading

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