Always check your data

I read in the local newspaper that 54.2% of bioengineering graduates last year found jobs not related to their field of study. Ha, great fodder for me to attack the crazy obsession with life sciences. But since we live in a google age, I thought I better check the data. Turned out that there are only less than 50 per cohort so that 54.2%. So there are two ways to interpret this.

1) only about 25 people found non bio related jobs. This is a small number and could reflect just diverse interest or better opportunities in business and finance. (These days every other study want to go into finance.)

2) then again for such an exclusive club. 50 out of the 1300 engineering graduates, you would think that these students are the creme de la creme, specially honed with tender loving care into bright future stalwarts of the life science industry. Surely, the industry could squeeze out 50 jobs?

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