The Rewards of Honesty

The New York Times published an article – which was re-published in the local papers – about a former mathematics professor Kim Myungho who self-published a book decrying the Korean judiciary. (Note the word “published” appeared thrice in the previous sentence.) In fact a movie already seen by several millions was made about Kim who contested a wrongful dismissal against his University.

That piqued me and googling “Kim Myungho professor” which incidentally was suggested by google, lead to this page which is a reprint of a letter published (that word again!) in the Math Intelligencer in 1997. Apparently everything began when Kim spotted an erroneous exam problem. Certainly some food for thought.

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  1. tpc says:

    Managed to watch the above mentioned movie, titled “unbowed” on a noisy aeroplane via a 7 inch monitor at 2am en route to India. I enjoyed it thoroughly in spite of the circumstances.

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