Petals Around The Rose

A link to this game resurfaced at a local forum. I remembered it took me a while to solve it, one or two years back. Basically I carefully read through this story about Bill Gates and constructed the formula that gave the right answer everytime. But I never found out why the name of the game was important until today.

Please play the game before reading on.

I had worked out that the answer is this:
Discard all even throws, sum the total number of dots on the remaining odd dice and subtract the total number of odd dice. In a nutshell, whenever a 3 is thrown add 2 to the answer, whenever a 5 is thrown, add 4, otherwise do nothing. The answer turns out to be completely visual. Read this link. Now read the last sentence in that bill gates piece. I suspect that I got the same formula that he did.

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3 Responses to Petals Around The Rose

  1. Hui Chen says:

    My first response is RightClick->ViewPageSource, and win everytime. To play game is to win. Knowing directly how it’s designed is the best way for this purpose.

  2. Leszek says:

    Thanks for the link.

    The bigger puzzle for me was the name “petals around the rose” too.

    I actually went to look at a rose to look for pattern.

    The name of the puzzle is misleading though: do you know of any flower with two petals, nevermind a rose? Shouldn’t the game be called petals around the stem of a not-neccessarily-real flower?

  3. hmm says:

    I was confused by the fact that the dices was colored (and also ordered) on the screen… I had to run over the Bill Gates story to abandon that kind of thinking (as the game works with real dices too). After that I managed to have it fast, from a quite short list of examples (6) written down to a piece of paper; and the name of the game actually helped me, as I was looking for something similar from the beginning.

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