Collective Nouns for Mathematicians

A creative colleague got me started and I just can’t stop. Of course the most apt term would be “a set of mathematicians”. But how about others, according to their fields? Ignoring the obvious alliterative ones like “a set of set theorists”, here’s the list so far…

  • A clique of graph theorists
  • A group of algebraists
  • A circle of geometers
  • A triangle of geometers (if there are exactly three, and you now know what to do for the general case)
  • A union of set theorists
  • A collection of set theorists
  • A divide of number theorists
  • A fraction of number theorists
  • A composite of number theorists
  • A (number) field of number theorists
  • A partition of number theorists/combinatorists
  • A series of analysts
  • A convergent of analysts
  • A residue of complex analysts
  • A branch of complex analysts
  • A neighbourhood of analysts/topologists
  • A (Riemann) sum of analysts
  • A basis of linear algebraists
  • A sample of statisticians
  • A distribution of statisticians
  • A permutation of combinatorists
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