Dear Maurits

I was quite happy to pick up a copy of Escher prints for $7 at borders the other day. I guess most people are suitably impressed by the work of Escher. For me, it’s especially so because of the four circle limits, their geometric significance and relationship to modular forms. Go to the official page -> picture gallery -> 1955-1972.

Here’s an interesting anecdote from Douglas Hofstadter (Yes, Mr Godel, Escher, Bach. ) in the article “Mystery, Classicism, Elegance: An Endless Chase After Magic“, from the book MC Escher’s Legacy. It seems that even Mick Jagger was interested in Escher’s work and wrote him to get permission to put a particular print on his upcoming album. He began “Dear Maurits …”

Of course, Escher was not interested and in his reply (to Jagger’s assistant) he ended with

By the way, please tell Mr Jagger I am not Maurits to him, but
very sincerely,
M.C. Escher

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  1. tpc says:

    I visited ArtScience museum for their Escher exhibit. This was my third visit after the Da Vinci and the Dreamworks one and I must say they have outdone themselves this time. I got to see Metamorphosis II — all four metres of it — in all its glory and also an original lithographic limestone plate. Since I was aware of Escher’s rejection of Mick Jagger’s request, I was surprised to see a few Pink Floyd covers bearing Escher’s work. It seemed that he had a change of mind and allowed many artists to reuse his designs on the cover. A very comprehensive list can be found here.—music

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