Catalan numbers

I really enjoyed reading Federico Ardila’s article in the Mathematical Intelligencer. Apparently there was a vote of 3030 members at an assembly of CUP (Not Cambridge University Press but the Candidatura d’Unitat Popular). The vote had to do with forming an alliance with another party and ultimately related to the independence of Catalonia. The amazing thing that happened was that the vote came out 1515 Yes and 1515 No.

The probability that a YES-NO vote of 2m persons ends up in a tie is [tex] \binom{2m}{m}/2^{2m} [/tex], closely related to the Catalan number [tex] \binom{2m}{m}/(m+1) [/tex]. I love the dual connections and of course Ardila did not fail to mention Stanley’s Enumerative Combinatorics. What I did not know was that Stanley even included a joke. Made my day.

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