I finally caught the Avengers: Infinity War on the big screen more than a month after it was released, in which time it had already became the fourth highest grossing films of all time. As of writing, it has surpassed 2 billion USD gross which, if we simplistically divided by 10, means about 200 million people (counting multiplicity) have viewed it. After watching the movie, I remembered how thrilled I was about the first Avengers movie. In the intervening years, I watched much fewer movies, only making it a point to always go to cinema for every star wars film. (Yes, I watched Han Solo the day before I watched Infinity War.) I caught Age of Ultron on a small screen and that was not so good. Dr Strange on a plane and missed Civil War and Thor 3 completely. It was only the thought that Infinity War was a significant movie where some superheroes die that and so should be a spectacle for the big screen that compelled me to spend $12 to watch it. The movie did not blow me away as there were literally too many things going on and the ending was sort of a downer with everybody going down too easily. I really thought that they would succeed in resisting Thanos but perhaps I was too naive and forgot that there would be a fourth avengers movie next year. Anyhow, I came back and started reading all sorts of commentaries and binge-watched youtube videos on all things Marvel and was reminded of how interesting and intricately connected everything was. The post titled is related to an article that ranked all 19 movies in the MCU.

This is probably the most interesting development of the entire rankings. Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther ended up in a dead tie at number five. I need you to understand that when I say “tie,” I don’t mean that they were close and I rounded or anything like that. After doing the math, Infinity War and Black Panther both received the exact same average ranking of 5.714285714. Completely level after nine decimal places.

In fact, the average ranking would not only agree to 9 decimal places. The two numbers should be equal. A careful look should allow one to notice that 5714 is repeated and it is quite conceivable that the number is a repeating decimal with these digits 571428 going on indefinitely. A quick guess and a confirmation calculation tells me that the rank is in fact 40/7. This makes perfect sense and when I went back to the top of the article to find more information, I noticed that the poll consisted of ordinal rankings of the movies by 21 staff members. So the two movies must have received the same total rank of 120, which is not so Marvel-ous as a coincidence.

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