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How does Instagram reception vary by country?3 min read

Mar 29, 2022 2 min

How does Instagram reception vary by country?3 min read

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In order to answer this question, we first looked at the latest data from Instagram on its number of monthly active users (MAUs) by country. As of January 2018, Instagram had 700 million MAUs worldwide.

Next, we looked at how these numbers break down regionally. The company’s latest data shows that the United States continues to be its biggest market with 185 million MAUs, followed by Brazil with 104 million and Indonesia with 101 million. In terms of percentage penetration (the number of Instagram users as a percentage of a country’s population), it’s worth noting that 83 percent of Americans use Instagram compared to just 9 percent in Japan – the lowest globally. However, when looking at absolute numbers rather than percentages, India has more total users than any other country aside from the U.S., with 120 million registered accounts. So while percentages may show lower adoption rates in some countries, there are still large swaths of people using the app there too!

At a regional level then, these are some key takeaways:

-The U.S., Brazil and Indonesia have high numbers of monthly active users on Instagram

-Instagram is particularly popular in Latin America and Southeast Asia; less so in East Asia

-Japan has low usage rates but is home to over 100 million accounts

What factors influence how well Instagram functions in a given area?

Are you curious about how well Instagram functions in a given area? The following factors can influence its reception:

-network connection (2G, 3G, 4G, etc.)

-location and surrounding infrastructure (buildings, mountains, etc.)

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-number of users in the area

How can users Optimize their Instagram experience based on their location?

There are a few things Instagram users can do to optimize their experience based on their location.

If you’re in an area with poor cellular reception, enable the “Use Less Data” setting in your account settings. This will decrease the quality of your photos and videos, but it will help minimize data usage and improve load times.

If you’re traveling abroad, disable automatic updates for new posts in your account settings so that you don’t end up with a bombardment of notifications when you return home. You can always go back and manually update your feed once you’ve had a chance to catch up on everything.

Why have some regions reported worse Instagram performance than others?

There are a few potential reasons why some regions have reported worse Instagram performance than others. One possibility is that there is simply more demand for the app in certain areas, resulting in slower load times and poorer overall service. Another factor could be network congestion: if there are several people all trying to use Instagram at once in one particular area, this could lead to decreased speeds and problems with connectivity. Finally, it’s also possible that there may be something about the way Instagram is being delivered to users in those specific regions that is causing issues – perhaps local cell towers or Internet Service Providers are struggling to keep up with the amount of data traffic that the app generates.

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